Timeline of King Harald’s health problems

Vaino Rensberg/Sametinget

King Harald has had several health problems over the years, the latest being an infection while on holiday in Malaysia.

As the King has been fitted with a permanent pacemaker, we look at a timeline of his most recent health problems.

December 2003 – April 2004: The King was diagnosed with bladder cancer but later recovered after surgery.

April 2005: The King underwent a successful heart surgery for aortic stenosis.

November 2017: The King was hospitalised for an infection.

January 2020: Dizziness forced the King to take sick leave for two weeks.

October 2020: King Harald underwent replacement of a heart valve.

2019-2020: His Majesty was hospitalised two times for infections.

January 2021: The King underwent surgery for a torn tendon above his right knee.

March 2022: King Harald contracted COVID-19 and was forced to take sick leave due to colds.

August 2022: His Majesty was hospitalised with an infection that required intravenous antibiotics.

November 2022: The Royal Court announced the King was dealing with “respiratory symptoms” and had to cancel engagements.

December 2022: King Harald was hospitalised for several days, again needing intravenous antibiotics to treat an infection.

May 2023: In this third hospitalisation in six months, the King was diagnosed again with an infection.

September 2023: The King was diagnosed with a cold and took time off to recover.

October 2023: King Harald contracted COVID-19 for the second time.

January 2024: The King was diagnosed with a respiratory infection and went on sick leave.

February 2024: King Harald, 87, was hospitalised in Malaysia with an undetermined infection. Due to a low heart rate, he was fitted with a temporary pacemaker. The Norwegian military facilitated his return to Norway where he was put in the National Hospital.

12 March 2024: The King had a permanent pacemaker inserted and will remain in hospital for several days. Crown Prince Haakon will continue to serve as Regent, as he has done on numerous occasions.

King Harald stressed that he had no plans to abdicate earlier this year after his cousin and friend, Queen Margrethe of Denmark, abdicated in favour of her son, Frederik.

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