Duke of Edinburgh meets Jonathan, the 192-year-old giant tortoise

By New Zealand Government, Office of the Governor-General - https://gg.govt.nz/image-galleries/10059/media?page=6, CC0, Wikimedia Commons

The Duke of Edinburgh has met Jonathan, the 192-year-old giant tortoise, on the island of St Helena.

The tortoise lives on the grounds of Plantation House, which is the official residence of the Governor of St Helena.

Jonathan had previously met the late Queen Elizabeth II, who was first introduced to him in 1947. He also met, King George VI, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Princess Margaret and Prince Philip. Despite his grand age, he is apparently quite healthy. His vet, Joe Hollins, told the Guinness World Records, “In spite of losing his sense of smell and being virtually blind from cataracts, his appetite remains keen. Jonathan is in good health, and all the indications at present make us hopeful that he will reach his third century—if indeed he hasn’t done so already.”

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