Duchess of Edinburgh talks about menstrual health

countess wessex duchess edinburghBritish High Commission, New Delhi via Flickr

The Duchess of Edinburgh talked periods during a workshop at Harris Girls Academy.

When asked about periods, she said, “When you have heavy periods, worrying about when you stand up from a chair. That’s the worst one.” She also spoke of the tampon sizes available and said, “If you were going shopping and your friends are going for the mini and regular tampons are you going to feel self-conscious saying ‘I need the big guns’? It’s not because of the size of what you are thinking, ‘Oh, I must be really big down there’.”

The Duchess joined a group between the ages of 15 and 18 in the workshop, which also included three boys, much to her praise. She said, “I think bringing boys into the conversation is very important. I’ve been to many countries around the world, and other countries seem to be more progressive.”

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