King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima make regional visit

dutch royal familyFoto: RVD

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima have made a regional visit to the province of Gelderland.

They visited the municipalities of Nijkerk, Barneveld, Scherpenzeel, Ede and Wageningen.

In Nijkerk, the royal couple visited the so-called apple path, which has been designated as a walking path.

In Barneveld, the King and Queen visited the Poultry Expertise Centre (PEC), which is a cooperation between companies and the government involved in the poultry sector. The PEC is located on the same grounds as a school where students learn to care for animals. The University of Wageningen also does research there.

In Scherpenzeel, they walked through Park Scherpenzaal, which is a central meeting place of the municipality. In Huis Scherpenzaal, the former city hall, they met with volunteers in the care, recreative and cultural sectors.

In Ede, the couple visit the ENKA grounds. There used to be a factory there for artificial silk, but a neighbourhood has been under construction there since 2011. The area is known for combining the older architecture with new builds. The King and Queen met with the project leader and inhabitants of the neighbourhood.

In Bennekom, the couple visited the local korfball teams.

At the end of the day, the couple visited Wageningen. They stopped by the student association SSR-W, where students spoke with them about choosing to study in the food production field.

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