EXCLUSIVE: Luxembourg’s Prince Gabriel talks about future plans and what he’s learned from his parents

Photo: Natalia Wrona

For his 18th birthday, Luxembourg’s Prince Gabriel of Nassau has spoken to Royal News about his future plans and what he has learned from his parents, Prince Louis and Tessy Antony de Nassau.

In one of his first interviews, the grandson of Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg reveals what he plans to do after graduating, his passions and how he spends his spare time.

Royal News (RN): You turned 18 on March 12th. Happy birthday! How did you celebrate?

Prince Gabriel (HRH): My mother organised a fun dinner with the whole family. I also was able to see my great-grandmother which was super nice. For the rest, I had more cake at school with my friends.

Photo: Natalia Wrona

RN:  Have you decided on your post-graduation goals? Head to university, take a gap year or follow in your mother’s footsteps and join the military?

HRH: I will take a gap year and travel to New Zealand where I will work and explore abroad about what my strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to skills at work. I will be doing some internships.

Prince Gabriel with his two brothers, Prince Noah of Nassau and Theodor Floessel. Photo: Natalia Wrona

RN: You wrote the foreword for your mother’s children’s book Theodor and Grace Discover Luxembourg. Why did you want to write the foreword and have you had any thoughts of writing in your future?

HRH: My mother spoke about this book since forever. It is such a wonderful project which was based on the births of Noah and me. Being part of this legacy was a given, and it makes me very proud to share this family heirloom with the world.

Prince Gabriel with his mother, Tessy Antony de Nassau. Photo: Natalia Wrona

RN: Are there any charities or passions you plan to support once you have graduated?

HRH: I have a passion for animals. Thus, I will see who I can support with my skills in due course.

RN: Tell us a little about yourself. For example, what languages do you speak? Do you play any sports or instruments? What’s your favourite subject to study? What do you do in your spare time?

HRH: I speak Luxembourgish, English and French. Some knowledge of German too. I play guitar and love football. In my spare time, I love hikes and skiing, as well as just sitting around with family and talking.

Prince Gabriel, Tessy Antony de Nassau, Theodor Floessel, Frank Floessel and Prince Noah. Photo: Natalia Wrona

RN: What’s one of the most important things your parents have taught you?

HRH: To be on time and be respectful towards others at all times, meaning not to judge a book by its cover.

RN: Lastly, what’s something you want people to know about yourself?

HRH: I love spending time with people and exploring how their life experiences make a difference in the world. I like listening to music and taking some detox time in the forest and with nature when life gets hectic.

Prince Gabriel is the elder son of Prince Louis of Luxemburg and Tessy Antony de Nassau. He has two younger brothers, Prince Noah (b. 2007) and Theodor Floessel (b. 2021). He’s the eldest grandchild of Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa.

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