Why Crown Prince Hussein and Princess Rajwa’s child may not be in the line of succession

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The Royal Hashemite Court of Jordan has announced that Crown Prince Hussein and Princess Rajwa are expecting their first child in the summer. However, this child will not automatically be in the Jordanian line of succession.

The child’s gender will determine if they are in the line of succession as Jordan only allows men to inherit the throne.

While the royal baby will be born with a prince or princess style, only a newborn prince will be added to the line of succession as the Jordanian Constitution dictates that only mentally sound, legitimate men born to Muslim parents and descended from King Abdullah I can sit on the Jordanian throne.

For example, even though Crown Prince Hussein has two younger sisters, Princesses Iman and Salma, they have never been in the line of succession.

It wasn’t until the birth of Prince Hashem, did King Abdullah finally have a ‘spare’ for his heir to the throne.

The current line of succession has 41 people with the two sons of King Abdullah coming in first and second place in the succession. The King’s younger brothers and their sons follow Crown Prince Hussein and Prince Hashem.

If Crown Prince Hussein and Princess Rajwa have a son, the prince will be second in line to the throne after his father.

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