Queen Rania urges international community to pressure Israel to end Gaza War

Photo: Royal Hashemite Court

Queen Rania has urged the international community to pressure Israel to end the Gaza War.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid in New York on the show ‘The ReidOut,’ Quen Rania said, “When you adopt starvation as a weapon of war, that is collective punishment; that is a war crime. When you displace an entire population, that is a war crime,” Her Majesty said. “It’s very clear that Israel has no problem targeting civilians, and that they assign very little value to Palestinian life.”

“As traumatic and devastating as the events of October 7th had been, we can’t justify the way that this war is being fought. This is not a normal war. Humanitarian workers who have seen everything have said they’ve never seen anything like it,” Queen Rania said. “Just to put it in perspective, this war has killed more children in five months than all the conflicts in the world in the past four years.”

She commented on the January ruling of the International Court of Justice and said that it might take years for the International Court of Justice to issue its final ruling.

“We cannot wait. People are being killed today. History is being written today. We’re already very late, and the longer we wait, the larger the stain on our global consciousness,” she said. “The fact that we’re even debating that should be sending shockwaves in our international community. Who wants to err on the side of a genocide?”

“When international law is broken with no consequence, when UN resolutions are ignored or dismissed, what does it mean? What does it mean when international humanitarian law is applied selectively? Or when certain countries are punished for poor human rights records, while Israel, which is accused of possibly committing genocide is rewarded with more arms? Where’s the fairness here?”

She called on both sides of the conflict to be held responsible. “Having a just peace cannot just be about the stronger side implementing its will over the weaker side. Palestinians have less resources, they have less influence, they have less leverage, but they don’t have less rights,” Queen Rania said. “Disproportionate power should never result in unequal rights.”

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