Tessy Antony de Nassau to publish new children’s book

Photo: Tessy Antony de Nassau

Tessy Antony de Nassau is set to release a new children’s book.

After the success of her first children’s book Theodor and Grace Discover Luxembourg, Tessy is working on its sequel – Theodor and Grace Discover Zurich. 

She has revealed the book will be out in June, and she’s excited for the children in Zurich to have the book by the summer to learn more about Switzerland. 

“I’ve always believed that the education we give our children is the most precious thing we can give them,” she explained to Royal News.

Photo: Tessy Antony de Nassau

Photo: Tessy Antony de Nassau

Tessy, the mother of Prince Gabriel, Prince Noah and Theodor Floessel, had the idea of a children’s book for many years before it came to fruition. It dates back to when she was pregnant with her oldest son, Gabriel, but she was finally able to begin the process during her pregnancy with her youngest son, Theodor. 

In a perfect example of women supporting women, Lena, the editor at Editions Schortgen (Luxembourg’s largest publishing house), gave her support to Tessy and helped her make her dream come true. She hopes that others who have dreams will find support like she did with Lena in whatever they aim to do.

Theodor stands in front of Tessy’s books in a store. Photo: Tessy Antony de Nassau

Theodor in her story is named after her two-year-old son, and Tessy drew the first illustrations for the children’s book herself. 

Born and raised in Luxembourg, Tessy chose to centre her first children’s book around her home, “Luxembourg is where my heart is and always will be. It’s an important project for me.”

She wanted to make sure that she made Luxembourg proud and did right by her country in writing her first book series. 

Photo: Tessy Antony de Nassau

The book was sent to the Luxembourgish government for review since it dealt with Luxembourgish culture and was given the green light. Soon after, Theodor and Grace Discover Luxembourg was available to the world. 

Her sons are supportive of her venture, with Prince Gabriel even writing the foreword to Theodor and Grace Discover Luxembourg. 

Gabriel, who appeared with her at book signings, wrote in the foreword: “Our country Luxembourg has a wonderful and important cultural heritage … Theodor and Grace’s learning library gives every small child the opportunity to playfully explore our country of Luxembourg from a very early age.”

Prince Gabriel at a book signing with his mother. Photo: Tessy Antony de Nassau

Theodor and Grace Discover Luxembourg is a four-part book series focusing on the cuisine, animals, nature and city of Luxembourg. Each book is the perfect length for a little one with only ten pages. 

It is aimed at ages 0-3 years and works to teach children about the small European nation. 

Tessy said: “With everything happening, good and bad, I think to have something that is coherent and something that remains the same, such as traditions and cultures, of a region, of a city, of a country, can be really precious because history is something you cannot buy. It’s something that is there and needs to be preserved and protected and celebrated, as well.”

The four-piece book set Theodor and Grace Discover Luxembourg is available in English, French and Luxembourgish. It can be purchased here or here.

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