Tessy Antony de Nassau receives International Peace Award

Photo Courtesy of Tessy Antony de Nassau

Tessy Antony de Nassau has been awarded the 2024 Sino-Phil Asia International Peace Award.

Tessy was honoured in Manila, Philippines, alongside several other peace advocates. She won the award in the category of humanitarianism with Dr Bernice King (daughter of Martin Luther King Jr.), Ahad Azimzadeh, Estrelleta Bora Ruppert, and Dr Robert Gordon Moss McInally.

Around 17 people from across the globe were honoured at the event held at the Manila Hotel. 

Tessy spoke at the event remarking on her work to bring peace, “My journey began at the tender age of 18 when I was the only woman in my draft to join the Luxembourg military as a peacekeeper. This experience, especially my deployment to Kosovo, taught me the true cost of conflict and the invaluable worth of peace.

“In these turbulent times, the significance of peace cannot be overstated. Peace is not merely the absence of war but the foundation upon which we build a future of prosperity, understanding, and mutual respect among nations.”

Photo Courtesy of Tessy Antony de Nassau

She later added: “My career has been a testament to the belief that every individual has the power to contribute to a more peaceful world. Whether through my service in the military, my leadership roles in various organizations, my board mandates or my efforts to promote education as a tool for peace, I have strived to be an example of how dedication and compassion can make a tangible difference.

“The challenges we face today—be it climate change, global pandemics, or the myriad conflicts that continue to plague various parts of our world—require a unified, peaceful approach. Now, more than ever, we need leaders who are committed to the principles of peace, who understand the complexities of our interconnected world, and who are willing to work tirelessly towards solutions that benefit all of humanity.”

Others who were honoured included Tomos Griffiths, main lead for Phantom of the Opera in London, for Performing Arts; Prof Timothy Russell Bedding for Physics; Dr Mario Evora for Medicine; Brian Keith Krolicki (former Lt. Gov. of Nevada), Jun Li, Jiefeng Yu Clout and Xiaobing Wang for Public Health Service; Stjepan Mesic for Statesmanship; Jozsef Bencze for Public Service; Jozsef Terek for Performing Arts, Music, and Education; Aljay Villena for Sports; the Duke of Braganza, head of the Portuguese Royal House, for Leadership in Advancing Human Development; and Gregory Michael Wong for Business Leadership. 

Photo Courtesy of Tessy Antony de Nassau

During her trip to Manila and with other laureates, Tessy attended a Wreath Laying Ceremony, where she wore her military medals from her military career for the first time in 20 years. She was the only military veteran in the group of awardees. They also received a tour and saw a dance performance from the village children. 

The main point of the week in the Philippines for the awards was to promote peace and peacebuilding.

The Sino-Phil Asia International Peace Award is presented by the Sino-Phil Asia International Peace Awards Foundation, Inc., which was created by global healthcare professionals, academics, artists, journalists, policymakers and philanthropists to “empower leaders of peace.” 

The panel of independent jurists selects those “deserving individuals and organisational entities based on well-defined criteria and merits that will truly endow recognition and honour,” according to the organisation, for the peace awards each year.

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