Prince Albert warns of “neglect” towards climate

Photo: WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM/ Jolanda Flubacher

Albert II, Prince of Monaco, travelled to the World Economic Forum in Davos to warn of the “neglect” towards the warnings given by scientists regarding the climate.

“Unfortunately, the alerts launched by the scientific community have not been enough to reverse a trend which indeed seems to be moving in the direction of a predicted catastrophe,” said Prince Albert, according to the Monaco Matin. “There is a form of neglect towards warnings given to us by scientists. This negligence and indifference are still at work today for other threats: the situation of the ocean, for example. Some of the threats can still be avoided: it is therefore more necessary than ever to listen to what science has to say.” 

He added, “While it is likely that melting ice will release methane and CO2, it is also likely that it will lead to the resurgence of ancient bacteria and viruses, against which we are not protected. This link between health and environment is crucial. It is crucial for our future because unknown threats could arise soon.” 

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