King Willem-Alexander expresses continued support for Ukraine

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King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands has expressed his continued support for Ukraine.

The King spoke to the Restoring Justice for Ukraine conference at the World Forum in The Hague via video message to show support for Ukraine.

“The Russian war in Ukraine is a shame. It is an attack on everything we hold dear. By attending this conference you are sending a message of hope to the people of Ukraine,” he said.

His Majesty added: “We will stand by Ukraine for as long as necessary. Our aim is to restore justice. Our goal is to bring peace to Ukraine. Together we are strong. ”

King Willem-Alexander addressed the war crimes against Ukrainians, stressing the importance that they be held accountable: “Those responsible for the crimes against Ukraine and its people must be held accountable.”

The King’s speech was followed by remarks from Dutch Minister Hanke Bruins Slot of Foreign Affairs, Minister Kuleba of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, European Commissioner Reynders of Justice and Minister Yeşilgöz of Justice.

The first conference for justice in Ukraine “Ukraine Accountability Conference: a step towards justice” took place in the Netherlands in 2022.

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