King Harald sends heartfelt message to President of Iceland

haraldPhoto: Jørgen Gomnæs / The Royal Court

King Harald V of Norway has sent a heartfelt message to the President of Iceland.

He wrote, “Your Excellency,

I thank you for our good talks and meetings, most recently last autumn when you visited Oslo. Over the past few months, I have followed the dramatic situation with the earthquake and volcanic eruption at Reykjanes with great concern. Although I understand that the eruptions have now stopped, you are facing new challenges with the long-term consequences of this volcanic eruption for Grindavik and for Iceland.

Our two countries are very close to each other. My thoughts go out in particular to the residents of Grindavik who have had to leave their homes, and who now live in uncertainty about the future of their hometown. Experiencing that a safe local community suddenly becomes unsafe must be a great strain both for the Grindaviks, for Reykjanes and for the rest of Iceland. On behalf of the Norwegian people, I would like to express the deepest sympathy and solidarity with the people of Iceland in the demanding times you are facing, and at the same time, express our admiration for the way you are handling these great challenges.  

Harald R” 

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