Crown Prince Haakon opens Andøy Spaceport

crown prince haakon norwayPhoto: Royal Hashemite Court

Crown Prince Haakon of Norway has opened Andøy Spaceport, which will create new opportunities for Norway’s space research.

He said, “The activity here will help us to monitor, analyze and understand. We can gain important knowledge, and together, we can find better solutions for everyone.”

At the Sami cultural monument “Čilgen”, Crown Prince Haakon lit a campfire. He said, “Čilgen” means when the weather clears up. It can also mean when people figure out how to solve a challenge. The space knows no boundaries, and “Čilgen” can function as a hub for the exchange of knowledge or a place to ignite inspiration.”

He was given a tour of the new facilities, which will be expanded over the next year to include a Space Village and three new launch ramps.

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