Prince and Princess of Wales make donation to foodbank

catherine william wales(Screenshot/Fair Use)

The Prince and Princess of Wales have made a donation to a foodbank to cover the expenses made after the foodbank was robbed of everything. The Prince and Princess of Wales had previously visited St Thomas’ Church in Swansea.

Rev. Steven Bunting of St. Thomas’ Church in Swansea confirmed this to Fox News. “They have indeed provided funds to allow us to replace all the items that were stolen, which is incredibly generous,” said Bunting. “We are always seeking additional aid because the demand for our charitable work outstrips our supplies often, but this was very unexpected and kind.”

“It felt incredibly kind and really raised the spirits of the whole staff and volunteer team here in the church,” he added. “For every act of sadness, there have been so many acts of kindness!”

About their previous visit, he said, “The Prince and Princess of Wales visited our church last year on the first day in their new roles,” said Bunting. “During the visit, the Prince of Wales helped pack some food bank parcels, and the Princess of Wales helped with our Baby Basics.”

“It demonstrates that they take this role seriously,” he said. “We felt when they were here, they were very, very authentic and sincere. They were incredibly kind and generous with their time in the way they were with everybody.”

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