Controversy in Australia as Danish flag is raised over Tasmanian parliament

By Kefr4000 - Own work, CC BY 4.0, Wikimedia Commons

There is controversy in Australia after the Danish flag was raised over the parliament building in Tasmania.

The flag was raised over parliament to honour the new King and Queen of Denmark, as Queen Mary is from Hobart, Tasmania.

The issue was not that Australia’s hometown girl was being honoured but rather that the Aboriginal flag had to be removed for the Danish flag to go up.

According to ABC News Australia, Nala Mansell, from the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre, called the removal of the Aboriginal flag “a classic example” the Tasmanian and Australian parliaments have “for Aboriginal people, Aboriginal land and the Aboriginal flag.”

A spokesperson said protocol was followed to raise the Danish flag where the Tasmanian and Australian flags remain up to fly alongside the Danish flag.

However, the leader of the Opposition Rebecca White argued that the protocols need to be changed: “We shouldn’t disrespect one culture if we want to support another culture. We must be able to do that without offending any group, and I am sorry to see that Tasmania’s Aboriginal community has been offended by this.”

When it came to the Prime Minister of Australia, he praised Queen Mary and stressed that protocols were followed: “And so, in accordance with national protocols, the Danish flag was installed for one day.”

Mary became the Queen consort of Denmark upon her husband, King Frederik X’s accession to the throne upon the abdication of his mother, Queen Margrethe, on 14 January.

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