Duchess of Brabant to conclude military training

princess elisabeth brabant philippe belgiumPhoto: Royal Hashemite Court

The Duchess of Brabant is set to conclude her military training.

Princess Elisabeth, who is the heir to the Belgian throne, has been doing summer training and social and military sciences courses since September 2020. She will take her oath as an officer in the autumn with the rest of her fellow students.

According to the Belgian Royal House, “This camp focused on the training of platoon commanders and learning to lead a platoon of about thirty people. Theoretical lessons, tactical exercises and combat procedures placed them in the role of officer for the first time.” They added, “During this camp, they also learned to use more complex weapons such as grenades and anti-tank weapons.”

Her younger brother, Prince Gabriel, began his courses in August 2022. He also attended a summer camp. About him, the Belgian Royal House said, “During this camp, the student officers were taken out of their comfort zone and had to learn to push their limits. The program included obstacle courses, camouflage lessons, target practice and sports activities. The group feeling between the students was also strengthened because they had to successfully complete the exercises together in an environment that was unfamiliar to them.”

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