Queen of Bhutan opens tiger conservation conference

Jetsun PemaPhoto: Royal Court of Bhutan

The Queen of Bhutan has opened the Sustainable Finance for Tiger Landscapes Conference.

The Royal Government of Bhutan and the Tiger Conservation Coalition co-organised the conference.

During her opening speech, the Queen said, “In our commitment to conservation, we must not neglect the realistic and vital need for sustainable funding. All too often, the invaluable work of conservationists is impeded by the unpredictability of financial support. Therefore, the intention of this conference is to raise significant resources through innovative financing mechanisms for tiger landscapes.

“Together, we can rewrite the narrative of extinction and loss, and instead create a beautiful story of compassion, resilience, restoration and reverence for all living beings. And in this shared journey of conservation, may we find comfort in the interconnectedness of all life and the boundless potential for positive change.”
At the end of the conference, a commitment will be made to collect $1 billion in new funding over ten years for the preservation of the tiger landscape.

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