Queen Alexandra’s Wedding Brooch

(public domain)

Queen Alexandra’s Wedding Brooch consists of a “bow-centred oval outline, set with one large and two smaller pearls encircled with brilliant, the outer border with 20 brilliant in pierced collet claw settings, and suspending three detachable brilliant and pave-set baroque pearls; the central bouton pearl framed by 14 brilliants also detachable.”1

(public domain)

The wedding brooch formed part of a parure given by the future King Edward VII to his bride, Alexandra of Denmark, as a wedding present. She wore the necklace, earrings and brooch on her wedding day. The tiara in the set was eventually bequeathed to Queen Alexandra’s second daughter Princess Victoria, who “disposed” of it.2

Queen Elizabeth II wore the brooch here to fasten the order triband she is wearing.

The necklace was passed to Queen Mary, who passed it directly to Queen Elizabeth II.

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