Late Queen Elizabeth II wanted Prince Harry’s security to continue

duke and duchess of sussexPhoto: Northern Ireland Office

It’s been reported that the late Queen Elizabeth II wanted Prince Harry’s security to continue.

According to The Times, the late monarch thought it “imperative” that the Duke and Duchess retain their security after stopping their work as senior members of the Royal Family.

The Home Office committee was told by a senior aide of Her Late Majesty that keeping the Sussexes safe was “of paramount importance to Her Majesty and her family.”

Said letter was included in newly published court documents from Prince Harry’s legal battle over his security with the UK government. It was revealed as part of the summary judgment issued on Friday, 8 December.

Sir Edward Young, an aide to Queen Elizabeth II, wrote to Sir Mark Sedwill as Cabinet Security on behalf of Buckingham Palace, stating the importance of “effective security” for Harry, Meghan and their family. He also invoked the memory of the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

“You will understand well that ensuring that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex remain safe is of paramount importance to Her Majesty and her family.

“Given the Duke’s public profile by virtue of being born into the Royal family, his military service, the Duchess’s own independent profile and the well-documented history of targeting the Sussex family by extremists, it is imperative that the family continues to be provided with effective security.

“And, of course, the family is mindful of tragic incidents of the past. The discussions to date, including with [the former chairman of Ravec], have been useful in making sure that the parameters of the Ravec process are well understood.”

The letter contradicts the Duke of Sussex’s claim that he and the Duchess were forced to leave the United Kingdom due to the lack of support from the Royal Family.

Details of the Sandringham Summit were also unveiled in the letter, saying the Sussexes were expected to attend public events while in the UK for causes dear to their hearts.

It added: “These engagements would no longer be formally undertaken on behalf of Her Majesty but, given the profile of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, we would expect they would still attract public attention…

“In regard to their Commonwealth patronages, although the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will not be formally representing Her Majesty, they will be undertaking work that is closely associated with Her Majesty and which may appear to the public eye to be very similar to now.”

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