Princess of Orange will no longer return €1.5 million allowance


The Princess of Orange has decided to no longer return the €1.5 million allowance she was supposed to receive since becoming an adult.

When she turned 18, the Dutch constitution gave her an allowance of about €1.8 million, which she decided to return as long as she wasn’t performing royal duties.

The Princess has now written to the Prime Minister that she will no longer return €1.5 million of that amount. The remaining €300.000 will be returned for the time being. The money will be used for “foreseeable costs associated with an autonomous and independent performance of her position”, such as “a secretariat and reservations for living and working accommodation.”

Prime Minister Rutte said he understood her decision and said, “Her studies are progressing, and you see her coming into the picture more. She is more visible.”

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