Princess Ingrid Alexandra starts military education

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Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway has started her military education.

Last week, she began training in the Engineer Battalion in Øverbygd in Indre Troms. She will train here for the next 12 months alongside 300 other soldiers.

During a moment with the press, the Princess can be seen learning about a weapon, disassembling it, and reassembling it. When asked if she had any regrets about joining the Engineer Battalion, she replied, “I have no regrets.” As she does not have a surname, she is known as Recruit Alexandra.

Battalion commander and lieutenant colonel Bjørn Kråkstad said, “We are very proud that the Princess has chosen the Engineer Battalion. We look forward to putting the Princess in a service position she can enjoy.”

>He added, “We have prepared in the same way as for all other basic periods. We have not taken any special measures because the Princess came here.” Company commander Hågen Vangsnes said, “Like everyone else, the Princess has to wash the floor, quiet the room, make the bed and attend classes. We have the same expectations of her as all other soldiers.”

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