Princess Amalia’s stalker wants an end to TBS

amalia princess orange©RVD – Frank Ruiter

The man who was convicted two years ago of threatening Princess Amalia has pleaded for the end of his TBS treatment.

Wouter G. was sentenced two years ago to 3 months in prison and TBS with compulsory treatment for a maximum of four years. He had sent messages to the Instagram of the princess and a friend of hers. He described sexual acts and threatened her.

He has now had TBS for two years and indicates that he is doing well. He would like to finish his treatment but on a voluntary basis. A psychiatrist said that the remaining two years are really needed and said, “The problem is bigger than he can see.” The public prosecutor therefore asked for an extension of two years.

The verdict will follow on December 6 – a day before Princess Amalia’s 19th birthday.

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