Hereditary Prince of Liechtenstein attends Munich Security Conference

Government Information and Communication, Vaduz

Alois, Hereditary Prince of Liechtenstein has attended the Munich Security Conference.

He led the delegation and was joined by Foreign Minister Dominique Hasler.

The Munich Security Conference takes place over three days every year.

Government Information and Communication, Vaduz

Foreign Minister Hasler said, “For Europe and therefore also for Liechtenstein in the heart of Europe, important security questions arise. The current trouble spots, aggressive great power ambitions and the rapid development of new technologies pose major challenges to our tried and tested international order. These developments all have a direct or indirect impact on the economic stability, freedom and security of our country. That’s why it’s important that we coordinate closely with our European and American partners here at the Munich Security Conference.”

Prince Alois said, “It must be recognised that with the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, we are unfortunately entering a new era of conflict, which will also present us in Liechtenstein with major tasks. We will have to find our way in these new framework conditions and place our security needs even more at the centre of an active foreign policy. Liechtenstein’s commitment to the rule of law and multilateralism, as well as our strong partnerships, form a good basis for this.”


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