Tivoli Gardens to celebrate King Frederik X with spectacular fireworks

Photo: Jakob Melgaard

Tivoli Gardens, a historical amusement park in Copenhagen, will host a large fireworks display in honour of the new King Frederik X.

The Danish royal family has a strong connection to Tivoli Gardens, and Queen Margrethe has contributed to scenography and costume design for various performances.

The fireworks display will feature rockets reaching up to 180 meters/590 feet in height and have formations forming hearts in the sky. The finale will have the colours of the Danish flag. It is set to be the largest fireworks display in the 180-year history of Tivoli. It will take place at 6 P.M. on 14 January.

Tivoli Gardens’ CEO, Susanne Mørch Koch, said, “With Tivoli’s grand fireworks, we welcome the new royal couple and express our gratitude to Her Majesty Queen Margrethe for the scenography that, over the past 52 years, has narrated the story of Denmark to the entire world, including the Danes themselves. The Queen has skillfully framed the history of Denmark, blending and balancing tradition and innovation. It takes a special artistic sensitivity to colour the narrative of history with both gravity and humour, and a desire to surprise and amaze, and yes, to always be like never before. The inclination to rule with all the magic and sense of imagination that makes our kingdom special is recognized in the upcoming King Frederik and Queen Mary. Congratulations to King Frederik and Queen Mary.” 

Tivoli Gardens’ pyrotechnician, Gunnar B. Knudsen, said, “This is the largest standalone fireworks show in Tivoli Gardens history. It is only possible because there are no guests in the amusement park. Just the fact that we can launch from the Open Air Stage gives us some extraordinary opportunities for a larger and more prominent fireworks display, so the recommendation from us is to look towards Tivoli, as it may be decades before we can have such a significant show again.”

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