Praise for Queen Margrethe by those who worked for her

Keld Navntoft, Kongehuset ©

A former chambermaid of Queen Margrethe of Denmark is speaking out about the Queen’s demeanour and what it was like working for the Queen of Denmark.

Kathrine Krupsdahl Svendsen told Danish broadcaster DR that Margrethe “has a heart of gold” and “always pays attention to you.”

Regarding the outgoing monarch, Svendsen said: ‘She laughs, she is present and she always pays attention to you.

“She was willing to share personal things. And as staff, you do the same with her.”

She went on to share a personal memory with Queen Margrethe. The chambermaid’s brother was preparing to have a kidney operation, and the Queen was supposed to be on her way to the airport to begin a state visit. However, no one could find Queen Margrethe because she was walking around looking for Svendsen.

The Queen wanted to make sure she wished her chambermaid and her brother good luck ahead of the procedure.

Svendsen said about the encounter, “Tears were streaming down my cheeks. I put it deep in my heart.”

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