Queen Camilla visits Northern Ireland

queen camillaBy The Big Lunch - CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Queen Camilla visited Northern Ireland for a day of engagements.

She started the day in Belfast City Centre, where she met with three small Northern Irish businesses, Coffey’s Butchers, Arcadia Delicatessen and Knotts Craft Bakery.

She then visited The Rifles at the Thiepval Barracks, where she took the Royal Salute and watched a parade. Afterwards, she joined the Riflemen and their families for a reception.

At Hillsborough Castle, Queen Camilla attended an event by The Queen’s Reading Room. There were performances by poets and actors to highlight the best of Northern Irish poetry.

After the event, the Queen met with the First Minister and Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland.

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