Taking a look at Princess Louise of Belgium

louise of belgium(Screenshot/Fair Use)

Princess Louise of Belgium was born on 6 February 2004 as the daughter of Prince Laurent of Belgium and Princess Claire (née Coombs). She is their eldest child, and she was 11th in the line of succession at the time of her birth.

At the time, her father told the press she would raised like any other child. He said, “The closer you are to your child, the closer the bonds are. It is different if you leave it to others.”1 Her godmother is Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein (née of Luxembourg). In 2005, her twin brothers Nicolas and Aymeric were born. She and her brothers attended the Jean Monnet Lyceum in Uccle.

Princess Louise does not appear in public often. She is currently studying Liberal Arts and Sciences at Maastricht University in the Netherlands and is now 15th in the line of succesion.

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