Looking back at the coronation of King Vajiralongkorn and Queen Suthida

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Although King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand died on 13 October 2016, his son and the next King did not have his coronation until 4 May 2019.

In a shocking move, King Vajiralongkorn married Suthida Tidjai shortly before his coronation. During a ceremony on 1 May 2019, Suthida prostrated herself in front of the King and presented him with the traditional gifts associated with royal power. They later signed the marriage documents as some of the royal family looked on.

And so, as his coronation celebrations began, he had a new Queen to join him.

The day began with the Royal Purification ceremony at the Chakraphat Phimarn Royal Residence. King King Vajiralongkorn made offerings as sacred water was showered on his head. During this, there was a 40-gun salute. The anointment ceremony took place at the Octagonal Throne, and the King was present with nine bowls of consecrated water. He was then presented with the Royal Nine-Tiered Umbrella, one of the most sacred royal regalia. He then moved to the Bhadrapitha Throne and sat under the umbrella. He was then presented with more royal regalia. King Vajiralongkorn then crowned himself with the Great Crown of Victory, which weighs in at an impressive 7.3kg.

After this ceremony, Queen Suthida was consecrated and installed as Queen. She was also awarded with the insignias of the Order of the Royal House of Chakri and the Order of the Nine Gems. King Vajiralongkorn then gave alms of gold and silver flowers and coins.

The day continued with further ceremonies and audiences and ended as the King proclaimed himself the Royal Patron of Buddhism and received a final blessing. At sunset, he paid tribute to royal ancestors.

On 5 May, there was a ceremony to bestow the King’s royal cypher, followed by a lunch. In the afternoon, King Vajiralongkorn rode in procession to the city centre, where he paid respects to the ashes of his predecessors at each temple.

In the afternoon of 7 May, King Vajiralongkorn received well wishes from the people.

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