Crown Prince Akishino and Prince Hisahito attend festival

fumihito kiko akishinoBy Antônio Cruz/Agência Brasília -, CC BY 3.0 br via Wikimedia Commons

Crown Prince Akishino of Japan and his son, Prince Hisahito, attended the opening ceremony of the 47th national high school culture festival in Kagoshima.

Prince Hisahito, who is on his summer break from high school, is on his first official visit away from Tokyo. His mother, Crown Princess Kiko, was supposed to attend with them, but she recently tested positive for COVID-19.

In his speech, Crown Prince Akishino said, “The event is truly meaningful in terms of letting diverse talents bloom and enriching the soil of cultural creation for the future.”

Following the official opening, the Crown Prince and his son watched a parade of students.

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