Support for Dutch monarchy still down

dutch royal familyRVD

The support for the Dutch monarchy and King Willem-Alexander is still down following a sudden dip during the COVID-crisis.

When King Willem-Alexander succeeded his mother ten years ago, support for the monarchy stood at 80%. Still is now down to just 55%, according to the NOS King’s Day survey. Queen Máxima has the support of almost 60% of the people. When asked to give a score, the people gave the King a 6,5 and the Queen a 7,3 (out of ten). The overall support is higher among the older generations.

Around 60% of people agree that King Willem-Alexander grew in his role as King during the past ten years, but only 4 out of 10 people believe that the King added value to the country and that he knew how to connect people. Furthermore, only 37% find the King sympathetic.

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