Princess of Asturias swears important oath

princess asturias© Casa de S.M. el Rey

The Princess of Asturias has sworn an important oath in front of her proud parents, the King and Queen of Spain.

The Princess is currently in the General Military Academy, and she was among the 411 cadets who swore their allegiance to the Spanish flag. The ceremony was attended by her parents, and her father is also the Chief of the Armed Forces.

The Director of the Academy, General Manuel Pérez López, asked the cadets the following question, “Gentlemen and Lady Cadets, do you swear or promise, on your conscience and honour, to loyally carry out your military duties, to observe and make others observe the Constitution as the State’s fundamental norm, to obey and respect the King and your superiors, to never abandon them, and, if so required, to give your life for Spain?” The cadets responded, “Yes, we swear.”

While the rest of the cadets formed a line to kiss the corner of the flag, the Princess presented herself alone. King Felipe then spoke to the cadets and told Leonor specifically, “Leonor, remember that the engagement you took carries the utmost responsibility towards Spain. You know well, as Hereditary Princess, that the Crown symbolises its unity and its durability. […] I know that you will always keep in mind that your responsibility, in any circumstance and at all times, is to serve Spain with all of your energy and determination, with true passion.”


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