Queen Camilla to star in documentary on domestic violence and sexual abuse

Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks

Queen Camilla is set to star in a documentary on domestic violence and sexual abuse.

In an exclusive by the Daily Mail’s Rebecca English, the Queen has been followed at several recent events and will feature heavily in the programme covering the wider sphere of domestic violence, sexual abuse and rape.

The documentary is being produced by Love Monday and filming is already underway.

Her Majesty is a passionate supporter of domestic abuse survivors and has worked to end the taboo surrounding the issue. She most recently visited the Swindon Domestic Abuse Support Service (SDASS) on Monday, 22 January to mark its 50th anniversary.

She also attended an event on 23 January at Refuge’s Gaia Centre in South London.

It was during Tuesday’s event that the Queen spoke about how she got involved in the cause eight years ago.

Queen Camilla said: “I think like a lot of people in this country, and all over the world, I certainly didn’t know very much about this abuse.

“I’d literally scratched the surface. It’s only when I sat down and listened to these really heartbreaking stories that I realised how terrible it was and how deep it was.

“I do remember saying at the time that I’d like to do anything I could to help, and I’m not sure I’ve done a lot, but I’ve been trying to get out there and talk about it and make it a normal subject that people can talk about and stop it being a taboo subject, which it’s been for years.”

She added: “I particularly salute all the survivors who are able to get out there; to talk to me, talk to everybody and tell other people about what they’ve been through because they are going to save lives by getting others to come forward.”

Queen Camilla has previously called violence against women “a global pandemic.”

Domestic violence affects one in three women across the globe.

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