No – Meghan does not need to curtsey to Catherine

catherine curtsey queen camillaThe Princess of Wales curtseys to Queen Camilla (Screenshot/Fair Use)

We’ll be taking a look at who curtseys to whom.

For some reason, there appears to be some story that women who marry into the royal family must curtsey to those born into it when they are not with their husbands. Women must watch the door closely and curtsey to every born royal that enters.

Can you imagine going to a dinner party and just seeing them bop up and down the entire time? What a nightmare! And thankfully, it is also not the case in real life.

Hold on to your hats, if you are a “Royal Highness”, you do not bow or curtsey to other “Royal Highnesses.” It doesn’t matter if you’re born royal or if you married into the family. Those women who marry into the family automatically assume their husband’s rank and status upon marriage. This doesn’t change when their husband isn’t present in the room. They’re still married.

Only the sovereign (and the Queen consort if there is one) gets a curtsey or a bow from family members. Also, they only get a curtsey when that particular family member meets them for the first time that day. That is why you’ll sometimes see some not bowing or curtseying while others do. They’ve simply already seen them that day.

The confusion probably stems from the Order of Precedence, which dictates, for example, in what order people enter a room or where they are seated during formal or state occasions. The sovereign is always first in the Order of Precedence. The rest of the world – those without royal titles – can bow or curtsey to any member of the royal family, but it is not required.

Even the official website states that there are no obligatory codes of behaviour when meeting The King or a member of the royal family.

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