King Willem-Alexander celebrates his birthday in Rotterdam

koningsdag(Screenshot/Fair Use)

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and his family have celebrated King’s Day in Rotterdam. One notable absentee was his second daughter, Princess Alexia, who is currently taking exams at her school in Wales.

The day started with a tweet, “The Royal Family is on their way to Rotterdam!”

The family started their walkabout in the south of Rotterdam, in the so-called Afrikaander neighbourhood. They received a musical welcome as a children’s choir sang “Kings & Queens.” They then met with children and entrepreneurs of the community and had a little birthday cake.

As they walked the route, they watched a circus performance and met with young football talents from FC STRAAT. They also spoke with people about the investigation into the Netherlands’ colonial past and the so-called toeslagenaffaire.

They then entered a water taxi to learn more about how Rotterdam intends to make itself sustainable.

At the end, the King spoke on the festival stage. He said, “We have come from difficult times, and there will be difficult times ahead. We have to work on our future together. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what your background is, or what your culture is. You are all ‘Kings and queens.’ Because you are open to others. Not words but actions!”

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