The special hidden meanings behind tiaras of Jordanian Royal Family

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The Jordanian Royal Family has three tiaras featuring Arabic scroll designs, each with a special meaning.

Queen Rania was the first Jordanian royal to have a message written in Arabic in their tiara. Her Majesty’s tiara, made by Yan Sicard in 2005, is inscribed with “Al Athama Lillah,” meaning “Glory to God.”

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With that tiara, Queen Rania started a trend.

When it came time for her daughter, Princess Iman, to marry in March 2023, she followed in her mother’s footsteps. Iman means “faith” in Arabic, and her tiara says: “Imani Billah” (My Faith in God).

Princess Iman wedding

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In June 2023, Queen Rania’s son, Crown Prince Hussein, married Rajwa Al Saif. Rajwa also chose to have Arabic writing in her tiara, and what she chose to inscribe had a particularly special meaning.

When I spoke to Queen Rania’s Office last year after the wedding, they explained that Rajwa’s tiara was inspired by Queen Rania’s remarks at Rajwa’s Henna party.

royal wedding jordan rajwa hussein

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At that party, the Queen said that Rajwa was the “perfect answer” to the prayers for her son. The tiara Rajwa married Hussein in said, “Rajwa min Allah,” or “Hope from God.” Like her mother-in-law’s scroll tiara, this one was also made by Yan Sicard of the French jewellery house Fred.

With that decision in 2005, Queen Rania began a lovely tradition that has continued into the next generation.

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