How King Frederik is related to the other monarchs of Europe

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King Frederik X of Denmark now sits on the throne of Denmark, and he is related to several European royal houses.

How is Europe’s newest king related to the other European royal families?

The most well-known royal relation is between Denmark and Greece. Queen Margrethe II’s sister, Anne-Marie, married the last King of Greece, Constantine, who died in January 2023. King Frederik and Crown Prince Pavlos (the head of the current Greek Royal Family) are first cousins. The Greek Royal Family is also connected to Denmark as they are male-line descendants of King Christian IX of Denmark, explaining why they hold the titles of Prince/Princess of Greece and Denmark.

Sweden and Denmark are also closely related. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and Queen Margrethe II of Denmark are first cousins as both are grandchildren of King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden. As such, King Frederik is first cousins once removed with Sweden’s reigning monarch and first cousins twice removed with Sweden’s heir, Crown Princess Victoria.

Another close royal relation is between Denmark and Norway as the Norwegian and Danish royals both descend from King Frederik VIII of Denmark. Queen Margrethe and King Harald of Norway are second cousins, making Frederik a third cousin of Norway’s reigning monarch.

King Frederik is also related to the British Royal Family through Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and King Christian IX of Denmark, making Frederik and King Charles III distant relatives.

The new King is also related to King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands through Queen Louise of Sweden-Norway (born a Princess of the Netherlands). Her daughter became Queen Louise of Denmark as the wife of King Frederick VIII.

King Frederik X is also distant cousins to King Philippe of the Belgians and Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg through King Oscar II of Sweden and Queen Sophia.

The last royal relation is between King Felipe of Spain and King Frederik, who both descend from Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and King Christian IX of Denmark, making them distant cousins.

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